Rear Diff whine

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Jul 31, 2008
Mission Viejo
I have a whine coming from my rear diff. Local transmission shop says it's most likely Pinion bearing. He says should be covered under warranty but I wanted to see if anyone else has any experience with this before I take it in to Toyota.

On a side note if anyone lives in South OC can they recommend a good Toyota dealer who woudl have LC experience?
Sounds like a pinion bearing to me too, normally caused by the diff being setup too tight.

NO idea on south orange county dealerships, I only deal with Northridge toyota.

Took it to dealer. They say everything is within normal spec but I still hear the whine. Anyone suggest next steps?
1. Raise stereo volume
2.Use ear plugs
3. Try another dealer
Whine is so slight stereo volume does block it out. I will be taking it to another dealer.

On side note I lived in Madrid for a year. Near Conde de Orgaz. Miss it a lot
I would try changing the lube in the unit first before replacing. Not many differentials are completely quiet. They may whine a little on light drive, or light coast. Cause is ring gear:pinion setup not being perfect.

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