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Feb 24, 2003
REmoved the axles from my FJ40, sent the frame to be blasted. Since I am putting disks on I removed the diff cover plate, took out the shaft and spacer and the spider (?) gears. Was able to bump the axles in to get the "C" clips out. This allowed me to remove the axles to take off the brake backing plates. Now the question: since I have most of the rear apart, how hard is it to replace the seals and bearings in the axles (not a live axle) and how hard is it to replace the bearings for the pinion gear and diff? Will I have bitten off more than I can chew? How do I get the pinion gear bearings out, new ones in?
Brake question, anyone know the size of the bolts that you use to put he brackets on that hold the caliphers on?

Finally the free stuff, I don't know why anyone would want it but I have two brake drums, two brake backing plates for the rear axle and a grab bar for the dash board ( I think SOR sells them). If anyone can use any of these items they are free for the shipping.



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Mar 16, 2003
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
axle bearings and seals are easy.i made a puller for the bearings.the bearing on the pinion can be taken off with a hydraulic press and then a new one pressed on.pretty easy stuff,just take your time.
Apr 6, 2003
Sumner, WA
Straylight, I make brackets for rear disc brakes and use 3/8 Grade 8 bolts, with a 5/16" grade 8 spacer and 3/8 grade 8 lock washer. The holes I drill are the same size as the brackets downey, JT's and other sell so 3/8 should work.
If no one want the drums and backing plates you should list them on ebay. I got $70.00 for the drums, $30.00 for backing plates and $40.00 for the wheel cylinders. HTH

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