rear diff pinion bearings

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Jun 24, 2003
Need to order diff bearings and seals. Anyone know the p/n for the front, rear and side diff/pinion bearings? I am assumings its a good idea to replace the oil slinger, oil seal and washer while I have this apart? Anything to look at for wear damage while this is apart, inspect pinion shaft and gear assembly? I have the 2 pinion type.

I used the MAF kit but only for the Koyo bearings for the diff and Timken bearings for the wheel bearings. I think this is the way to go for bearings???
Use Toyota for the seals. When I took my front diff apart at 208k mi it didn't need to be rebuilt but I did it anyway. I got a new flange as the old one had a ring around it. I have a new one for the rear too.
The washer is on the pinion nut, if that is what you are asking?
I reused the slinger. I had no wear on the gears.
I had help with the rebuild, I would not do it my self. I am going to do the rear diff as soon as my helper( he did most of the work)has time. Had I had the $ is would of got 4.56 gear :D

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