Rear diff gasket vs RTV

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Mar 18, 2005
Charles Town, WV
Any side effect on using RTV (or similar type grease) instead of using the factory diff gasket (that goes between the 3rd and the housing) in the rear?

I did a search and can't find any thing on it.

I used a silicone type seal and have had no problems what so ever. I made sure to clean everything up real well just to make sure.
I used the OEM seal and RTV sealed like a drum no side effects at all.
i used rtv on the front diff of my 4runner, no oem gasket. i haven't had any problems. just make sure to make a circle around the bolt holes with it.
No side effects until you try to remove it, especially out on a trail somewhere.

I've been using the Right Stuff w/o any ill effects. I prolly should use just the oem diff gasket but it's so mangled in my parts drawer!!!
Devil's advocate here.

The original design uses a gasket (that is substantially thicker than several sheets of paper) to seal the joint. This gasket also affects the ultimate position of the diff in relation to the axle housing and axle shafts. By omitting the gasket you are positioning the diff further into the axle housing than it was originally intended to be. The result is it is mis-aligned, albiet by a very small ammount. Perhaps there could be some long term ramifications from doing this?
-Spike- said:
No side effects until you try to remove it, especially out on a trail somewhere.


This is true, it can act like glue if the parts are assembled while the rtv is wet. I run a small even bead and let cure for 24 hours before assembling and it works great. It doesn't leak the gear oil and can be dis-assembled and re-assembled easily multiple times if careful. Of course you need the luxury of letting the rtv cure before before assembly and the surface you apply the rtv onto has to be reallllly clean.
-Spike- said:
No side effects until you try to remove it, especially out on a trail somewhere.


I have stock gasket ones stuck very well. The trick I use is, loosen the nuts, put a jack under the front of the housing near the pinion flange and pop it loose.
I have been using Permatex " The Right Stuff " with outstanding results for many applications. I don't have hours to wait for FIPG to cure. This stuff is a five minute affair and works great. Multi function gasket material impervious to any chemical solutions in automotive applications.
photogod said:
I was told not to use synth fluids because it would eat the RTV!? Any truth to that?

I have never had or heard of any problems.
Figures... Why do I listen to grease monkeys? I'm an idiot. "Looks like you had some work done on your front differential and they used RTV. We don't put synth in there because it will eat the RTV and cause leaks". Toyota put in a new front diff, do you think they would use RTV? I'll have to crawl under there and take a look.
When I dropped in my Aussie I used OEM gaskets and RTV on the axles and third, good to go

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