Rear cross member to body dimension (79-83 FJ40)?

Jul 12, 2015
Rockford, MN
I have searched the forum and couldn't find an answer to this question. If someone could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it! I am looking for:

1.) an accurate dimension between upper portion of the rear cross member and the lower portion of the body tub (measured at the center of the tub / cross member under the ambulance doors). In other words, the hieght that the body sits off of the cross member.

2.) the forward and aft distance that the tub should be in relation to the rear cross member. Should the body be flush with the cross member? Should it stick out beyond the cross member? Or should the cross member stick out farther than the tub? How much?

Thanks again, I finally have a suitable garage to start work on this project again. Back on the road by 2022 is the goal!

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