Rear Bumper Mounting Pics Please! Pretty Please!

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May 21, 2004
San Diego
Hey All

I just tore the OEM bumper caps and such off of my rig to begin work on my new rear bumper / tire carrier.

Could you guys please snap me some pics of hows your mounts to the frame. Whether its the slee, hanna, or whatever, the more pics and ideas the better.

Also, the more pics of custom units i can get the better!

And yes, i have already seen this thread:


Thanks guys!
Romer said:
Have you tried the Slee site? Lots of pics there

Yes, i saw those, i am just trying to get pics of everything and see what i can come up with. I cant use the slee mounting system for the reciever because it will hit the long ranger tank


There was a previous post somewhere, where a guy made his own, or made a pivot point on a stock rear bumper, that held a tire. Not all the weight of the add on bumpers but did the job very cleanly. It may already be on the thread you listed, not sure.

I am planning on doing the same thing with Heckler (here on the board) and I can tell you that I'm starting off with a 6" C channel as that will fit onto the frame cross member nicely.
Also, here is a bumper...

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