rear brakes covered in grease!!!

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Aug 26, 2002
One of Four Presidential Flying Saucers
I've been having trouble with the rear brakes lately, and went to replace the shoes this morning and the right side drum was covered in grease...on both sides, the shoes were covered in melted grease too. The inside of the right wheel was caked with the stuff as well (it took 2.5 cans of engine degreaser, a drill with a wire brush attachment and a scrub brush to get it all loose...)all of the grease/oil is evenly distributed from the spinning wheel...and it was grease, not brake fluid.

Question is, where is it coming from?! there looks to be a sort of weap-hole on the drum that runs through the hub, and there was a lot of evidence of fluid leakage there too...any ideas? Is this normal? (how could it be?)
I'm in the process of changed the axle seal on my '82 BJ60 as we speak!! If you have questions feel free to post them. It's not hard but you need to make sure that you have everything back in place properly.
I appreciate the help. It'll be a while before I break down and deal with it. I've never had to break into a rear-end before and I'm not really thrilled about it, but I'll be in touch when I finally do.

Crap. It's always something with this damn thing.
ahh but if there was never anything wrong with them, wouldn't it make ownership boring?
The rear, in this case, is easy. Pull the drums. drain the diff, pul thre back cover, remove the 10MM bolt and slide it out. Really a 15 min job. Do both sides while you are in there. NAPA has the seals cheap.

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