Rear Brake Upgrade Questions

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Jan 16, 2010
Rocky Mountains, Canada
Hey Guys,

I've got a '92 with a full-floater rear that I'm about to retro-fit with an e-locker. While at that, I wanted to upgrade the rear breaks to the newer disk/calipers like I did on the front.

My questions are:
- Will I need new calipers, or are they the same size? (searched but no answer)
- the e-brake? Assuming I need newer style pads, is everything else the same?

I'll be ordering all the parts for the rear axle per this thread:
2 90311-62002 Seal
2 90310-35001 Seal
2 43422-60040 Gasket
2 90080-36064 Bearings
2 90080-36067 Bearings
2 46550-60060 E-brake pads
1 46540-60050 E-brake pad
1 46580-60050 E-brake pad
2 42431-60170 Rear disk rotors (fj80)
1 04466-60020 Brake pads a set FJ80)
1 04946-60010 shim kit

And all the parts for the e-brake over-haul, which doesn't engage that well, per this thread:
2 90213-07010 C-washer shoe
2 90468-03006 clip cable to bellcrank
2 90240-08042 Pin cable to bellcrank
2 90468-14033 lock key cable to belcrank
2 90504-14002 Shoe strut spring
2 90506-12029 Tension spring #1
2 90506-12068 Tension spring #3
2 90507-20016 (90905-A6001) tension spring #2
2 90507-23014 tension spring #2
4 90501-16053 Spring - compression 2/side
2 47447-50010 Spring hold down pin
2 47447-30020 Spring hold down pin
2 90506-20033 Bellcrank return spring LH/RH

I wanted to get this done in a weekend. Ordering parts hasn't been the same since the diagrams on Toyo-DIY died. Any insight would be much appreciated.
any luck on the project im thinking of doing the same?

im ready to upgrade my front calipers and rotors and rear calipers and rotors on my HDJ81.

I know the bigger style rotors from front lx450 will work!!!

but what about the rears?

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