Rear brake caliper slide pin sheared- REAL-TIME question. Options for replacement?

I finally got around this weekend to diving into my 1998 100 series front CV reboot, bearing R&R, and brake pads and was on my last corner (rear right) when the rear caliper pin, which had seized, sheared off as I was trying to free it up from the caliper body.
Any suggestions for replacements? The balance of the slide pin is still seized in the hole and after about an hour of working to rebore/drill out the seized pin, fi figured it might be time to give a new caliper some real thought, or if there’s anyone in Central TX (Austin area) that’s got a spare or parts caliper they’re willing to part with?

Any suggestions for anything that’s readily available, or a solid upgrade?

Needless to say after working through the night on everything, and being in the home stretch this is a bummer.

Thanks in advance.
Feb 27, 2014
i have recently gotten a text that there was a LC at the wrench a part near the airport. Not sure if it’s still there.
Thanks! I’ll take a look. I’d prefer oem and/or a decent core from a donor.
My truck spent some time up in IL before coming back to TX and it’s got a few seized here and there.
Since this caliper housing is toast I’m working on boring it out and machining my own temp pin until I can swap it out (it’s my DD).

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