Wanted Rear bi-Fold Door Parts- Corrogated Top Needed

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Feb 28, 2009
Near Salem, OR
United States
Trying to get my 65 Fj40 up and going. Need the small piece that mounts to the top of the rear door that connects to the circle piece in the top. Need the Passenger's side, if they are different. It has two bolt holes that mount to the collapsing door with the small window and a post that sticks out. This piece is used to connect it to the top corner of the rear window opening. If you have one lying around and are interested in selling or trading for it please let me know. Also if you have in good condition one of the roller pieces that go on the bottom of the door I would be interested in one of them as well. rocketvfr@gmail.com Thanks, Ken. Located just south of Salem, Oregon.

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