Rear Barn Doors

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That is really expensive. Barn doors are cool but the split tailgate is more functional, and that's coming from someone who daily drives a 61 with barn doors.
Yes. That's what I was thinking. And you still have to paint them.and mount them etc. Too much $$$
Random dan is on the money.. I have owned both and the fold down tailgate by far the best option.

Also LOL at the price.. What a fxxxing joke
I would never give up the tailgate. To lose it's functionality as a seat, table, workplace, etc. would be huge (to me).
I love how we have dozens of threads per week complaining about not getting more factory options in the USA but when something pops up (brand new old stock at that) we get pissy because it's pricey. Circle of life I guess

There is a member here who has a used set for 1/2 - 1/3 of the price. I will have to look around, I can't remember his screen name.

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