Rear Axle Seal Replacement FJ60 1987

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Jan 17, 2015
Big Sky Country
Checked my Passenger side rear brakes (Since the Driver's side had locked up on me figured I should do some preventative maintenance on the pax side). Covered in gunk and oil. Figure the axle seal must have been leaking so pulled the axle to replace the seal.

FWIW the metal seal that NAPA sells for $32 as a "direct replacement" is not, in fact, a direct replacement. Won't go in. Went to the Dealer and ordered two of the proper ones which will come Friday.

At any rate I'm cleaning stuff up and getting ready to sew it all back up when the seal arrives, but I'm confused about one piece that came out of the differential. It's the round piece with the holes in it. It's a cup shaped piece. I didn't see it fall out, just heard it (luckily).
Diff Parts.JPG
Diff Manual 1.JPG
Diff Manual 2.JPG

The manual doesn't show this part nor the correct orientation. I was laying on my back getting this stuff out as I don't have a lift so couldn't see everything exactly.

What is the round piece with the holes, where does it go, and what is the orientation?

I attached pics of the manual as well.

Also the diff cover did not have a gasket, just some black stuff. I've used the orange gasket maker in the past but not sure what this stuff is. It wasn't leaking at all so apparently it was doing its job. Anyone know what it is?
The washer with holes goes behind one of the spider gears that the pinion shaft goes through. There is a washer behind each gear. So which ever one does no have one is the one it goes behind. As far as the gasket maker I am no help. It originally had a cork gasket
if your seals are leaking check your diff breather too while you're at it. mine was plugged causing it to pressurize pushing oil out onto my brakes. quick and cheap fix that'll save a lot of head ache if you haven't done it!
Thanks guys. I am assuming that washer was held in place by that clip on the right side of the picture that I likely didn't need to remove?

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