Rear axle leak

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Mar 24, 2007
I have oil leaking from both sides of my rear axle. I haven't figured out how hard it is to remove the axles and replace the seals. BTW, I have replaced the breather (it was clogged), but after cleaning it up twice, there is still more oil leaking. Has this happened to you? Do you know how it comes apart?

Thanks in advance for you help.
Mine was leaking but I tighted the bolts and it stopped...make sure to check to what you should torque them at, so you dont compromise the seal further. If that doesn't work you will have to reseal it. No idea expect usage how it comes apart and allows a leak...regular maintenance on the rig is needed like all 4 wheel drives.

As far as the breather goes if its clogged and you have gone through water..change the fluids and get a breather on that bad boy! SCuba mod is needed on those or you will suck fluid in!

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X2 Scuba mod is super easy. It takes longer to gather the parts than it does to actually install the mod.

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