Rear AC no worky? Any common issues to look for?

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Feb 28, 2019
Duluth, GA
Rear AC does not work in the GX. There is power to the panel in the center console. you can increase/decrease the level and lights work but that's it, no fan, no ac, no nothing?

I'm going to be ripping into the rear panel this weekend. Anything that is common with these units? Anything in particular to be on the lookout for?
Just checking, you have the middle "rear cool" button pressed in?
Just checking, you have the middle "rear cool" button pressed in?

yeah, button is pushed and lights are lit but no air, no fan, no nothing?

Going to start digging just wondered if there was anything common to look at first?
curious... regarding the rear air controls. My rear fans work and i can control the speed however are they supposed to blow cold when set to cool? they kinda just blow ambient air temp. unless thats an option?
Did a little digging last night and pulled any fuses associated with AC. All were good.

There is power getting to the rear panel


But that's it, none of the controls seem to work? As in, no fan, no air, no nothing.

One thing I did find was this


someone installed aftermarket dvd players in the head rests of the font seats. They didn't work when I bought the car and it's been on my list to diag. Well, this broken wire might have something to do with that?

But also, the wire from both players seem to go up in the center console. I'm wondering if something was disconnected/cut/shorted with the rear ac panel when these were installed???

Guess it's time to figure out out to remove the console and see what I can find before I start taking apart the rear. :confused:
Looks like someone did, or tried to "lazily" daisy-chain the headrest DVD Players. Hope you get to the bottom of this(No pun intended) as inexpensive as possible.

PS: That reminds me, I've never really used the rear climate controls. Time for a quick inspection, now that you mention it.

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