Rear AC lines removal

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Dec 30, 2009
Williston Park, NY
Has anyone had to replace the rear high pressure ac line over the passenger rear wheel? I had it leak on the bend of the line just over the rear wheel. i've managed to remove the front fitting and all 3 brackets. My issue is the bolt head broke attaching the lines to the rear evap. Does anyone know if this bolt is threaded through the lines and into the lower evap lines? I'm having a tough time separating the hoses from the evap. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
usually due to the corrosion and general crustiness of the lines we just recommend everything at work. the bolt threads into core so youll be better off either capping the rear section off or replacing everything.

and as a side note I have had to replace the rear lines and they suck, if it was my truck id figure out a way to remove the rear air
I know someone here years ago posted how he separated them but i can't seem to find it. It doesn't seem to be the worst situation the lines don't go directly to the evap there is a lower pipe assembly they screw into according to the schematic. I guess i'll have to remove the interior panel and try to work backwards. I'd like to avoid capping it if possible.
Consider using the Dorman 800-643 (5/16") to splice your existing line. Just cut the line at the leak, and insert, then tighten the splice. If you only have one leak, this is a cheaper fix.

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