Rear AC Light remains on

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Jul 24, 2015
Searched and didnt find anything on this.

I turn the truck on one morning and the Rear AC switch is turned green automatically, I did not have it on the day before.

It will not turn off, stays lit.

AC works and nothing is coming out - front vents working

Now, 1 thing is we got a s*** ton of rain in SoCal...could that have someone triggered something in the electrical system? Maybe thats a coincidence.
Try adjusting the rear controls and see if you can get air moving, maybe just the switch is bad.
If memory serves you have to manually turn the rear AC off from the rear ac control panel to get the console “rear AC” light to turn off.
Okay, I get in this morning, lights on, i turn on the defrost system to clear my windows.

once they clear, i shut off the AC totally. and the REAR light finally goes off, I didnt press it.
Same here with the aging switch

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