Rear AC in an 80?

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Mar 28, 2003
??? I am starting my search for a second 80 ( hopefully a 96 w; lockers), while looking, I am seeing a lot of ads for 95-97 FZJ's with rear AC? Is this BULLSH*T or what? I can't find reference for it anywhere so I defer to nore knowledgable folk. By the way, there are a fair amount of FZJ's and LX 450's for sale here in the subtropical inferno, if anyone is interested?
Dunno anything about the Lexi, except for her movies. :eek: :D

No US spec 80 ever had rear ac. They had rear heat, actually middle row, but never rear ac.

Carve this in stone because Junk said it. ;)
Does the rear get cool without rear A/C? ???
If we do buy this 80 there will be people in the back seat a lot, and we are used to the 'burban which has seperate A/C for all three rows of seats. ::)
You will lose the ice cold air out back Cruisin, but you will gain the reputation that is Toyota to make up for it.
Cruisin - just throw your ice from your drinks at the people in the back and make sure you always call shotgun at least 12 hours before the trip. :flipoff2: :D
Rear a/c DID exist for the 80 series. But, it never made it to North America. Here is a top secret picture from one of my sources. As a footnote, the rectangular thingy that you can see to the right of the dome lamp is a magnetic field sensor for an overhead compass that was mounted above the rearview mirror in a console along with an altimeter.

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Right-hand drive, my friend. ::)

For the record, rear A/C was not available in any of the North American LX450's either.

cruiserdan- can you tell me more about this non-USA rear air system? Was a higher capacity AC system used? What additional parts were included in this system? And is it feasible to obtain these parts and upgrade a system w/o factory rear air?
You can get a bit of cool air out of the rear heat when you have the front ac on. Nothing near the cool temp you will get out of the front though. It's just a couple of vents at the bottom of the center console as opposed to the roof mounted in the picture posted above.
:'( Thanks for the replies. I thought that was a load of crap. Just goes to show that the yuppie types just buy them for status and don't have a clue as to a cruiser's true potential and capabilities, let alone what all the buttons are.
Iwould also be interested if there is a way to get those parts and retrofit?
Rear A/C is available in 99 - up 100 series though right?

There was an additional evaporator/blower assembly in the RH quarter along with a boat-load of other stuff. It would not be economicly feasible to do.


Yes, rear A/C is available in the 100, in the US.

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