rear 60/62 SOA axle

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Jun 13, 2003
Just pulled the rear axle out of my daily driver '90 fj62 to swap in an fj80 unit.

-Complete axle drum to drum WITHOUT a third member or axle shafts
-SOA spring perches setup for double cardan driveline
-500 miles on new wheel bearings and seals
-heavy duty anti-wrap bar included
-custom made SOA upper ubolt plates included
-Sky Manufacturing lower shock mounts

Located in Seattle
Looking to get $250

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if you were closer id be all in...
here's the axle. Notice the anti-wrap bar mount & hardware, sky shock mounts & hardware, and the brand new wheel bearings & seals.

I've decided to list the shafts seperately.

$200 takes the housing drum to drum and anti-wrap bar! No shafts, no third member.

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