Really Annoying Problem...

Nov 27, 2004
Cambridge, UK
... my problem is that water [wb in the photos = water bugger!] is getting into my vehicle and i don't know from where!

where the water is collecting is in the bottom well on both sides at the very back of the body behind the rear wheel arches [i.e. under where the standard jack is kept and under where the rear washer reservior sits.

i used to think that the water came in from the hose that connects onto one of the sides behind the plastic grill thing on the rear quarter panel. But i've eliminated that issue because i've filled the holes up by attaching and glueing the tubes on.

is this problem of mine common with the 70 series? I ask because I've seen the bottom panels of the 70 series for sale on another LC website?

Is the water coming in from behind the rear lights?

I'm really frustrated with this one because i've already had to get the rust cut our and new panels welded in once and the body's already storing water!

One the water front as well... I've washed the car with a hose and no water appears to be coming in. However, the car stands in rain for 1 day and water has got in from somewhere. I came come from work today to find 10mm of water in the well described above. And prior to today we've not had rain for 10 days!

Please help!
Apr 10, 2005
Montague PE
Check to see if the seams are rusting behind the weather stripping on the rear window. If any water falls down onto the wheel well inside the truck it's going to run along the wheel well/outside body panel seam and down into that back cavity (or, forward into that cavity as well). It just so happens that nearly all rusty 70s have big problems in those areas. Even if you end up finding your problem, it would probably be worth it to drill a few small holes in those cavities so any water that manages to find its way in there has somewhere to go.


post ho
Feb 10, 2004
Tara Ontario
check and see if the body man put the drain holes back in at the bottom of the quarter panel...
water in / water out...
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