Real Time Water Pump Question

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Dec 8, 2006
Western Mass
I'm in the process of doing timing belt and water pump on 98 LX. Water pump came w/ one bolt in the box and I can't figure out if it is needed and is so where? Asked the dealer and they didn't know. WP part # 16100-59275-83
Any insight is appreciated

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For any one intersted... completed TB & WP install and no leaks (hopefully I didn't just curse myself!!).. don't need the bolt that comes w/ WP... not sure why it's included??? perhaps for a different vehicle??
Finally home and can get on toyodiy. Looks like Toyota's just nice enough to include a spare bolt. IIRC the ones marked "1" are a PITA to get out and striping the head is very possible. Looks like the bolt that comes with the pump is also a number 1.
I don't remember mine coming with a bolt, you should be ok

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