Real time - Oil Pan is off

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May 6, 2009
Arizona - PHX area

Do not ask what compelled me to “just change” the oil pan gasket this morning, It’s only 22 bolts, how hard can that be?

I have read all the horror stories about seized gaskets, etc. But just had to do it.

Regardless I have it off and cleaned, but thought I would ask. While it is off anything else I should check?

Pan bottom was free of filings or chunks, oil pump pick up looks good, and visually no broken or scored parts.

When I parked it last night it was running fine I only pulled the pan to stop the freaking drips.

'74 FJ$ with an '86 F2 engine


any knocking or low oil pressure (hard to tell with the stock gauge)? i wouldn't bother myself but some might check the crank/lower rod bearings

what are you doing for a gasket?
FPIG in corners per FSM. you can shim oil pressure while your in there but if it was good why bother.
Thanks X3
OP seems fine ( high end of stock gauge, no knocks or pings, an dI have an SOR formed gasket ( Just picked up the FIPG)

I have an SOR formed gasket

Cork, right?

Torque on the oil pan bolts/screws is way less than you think. A torque wrench that measures in-lbs is a good idea.

Even if you think it's clean, run over the block surfaces with a razor blade. I'm guessing you'll find some spots that aren't perfect.

Use a ton of brake cleaner to be sure you got rid of all the oil before you apply the FIPG. Let it sit overnight before you run it.
never heard of the snap ups. GOOD TO KNOW TECH
Thanks guys got it back on. Did not have the felpro or zip tie idea in time but got it done.

This tool was very valuable. I tapped it in, then with the hanldle perpincicular to the block, I tapped the straight edge and used the sharpened semi circle to "cut" the gasket. Worked realy well.

I will let it dry then run tomorrow and check for leaks.
Oil pan 002.jpg
Pain and repetition are life’s best teachers…… I sheared the corner of the gasket (It is “squeezed out”) so I get to do this again. I will get the fel pro snap ups and an in # torx wrench.

Any suggestions on best gasket?
Recommend only use the stock toyota cork gasket. I have further install info under tech links at top of page, under engine.
I really like Fel Pro gaskets. We always used em in the shops I worked as a mechanic because they were the best. Even though I only wrench for fun now, I still use them. I don't know if they are better or worse than the OEM ones, but they have always worked well for me.

Tips I have found useful:
1) Clean everything perfectly by scraping and then using brake kleen.
2) Use spray adhesive to attach gaskets to the sides of the oil pan. (make sure where they go first before spraying)
3) Use spray adhesive to attach the two rubber gaskets to the engine front and back making sure to center them.
4) Plop dabs of black high temp silicone to all four of the corners (Toyota stuff might be better)
5) Install four bolts to hold it in place and then finish up putting all bolts in by hand.
6) Torque to spec. I just use 1/4" ratchet and hold it at the head (tiniest leverage) and then just tighten it lightly. Let silicone dry, and then re-torque.

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