Real time: Oil Pan gasket fitting

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Oct 20, 2008
I ordered the Toyota oil pan gasket, and it seems like the humps are about a quarter of an inch to big. Are they supposed to fit like that? Did I get a bad gasket? I posted in a thread last night but didn't get any response, need to know pretty quick if I've got to order a new gasket
No, its right. They fit tightly and will compress in the area you mentioned. Try using studs on the corners of the block to help align your gasket and pan when you put it back on.
That would make a lot of sense. However; it Doesnt seem likeit can compress that much in the hump portion of the gasket without it going out of the hump in the pan, but I'll give it a shot when ofer home
Yes it seems they are too big, but yes they compress well enough when installed. Put a glob of RTV in each of the 4 corners where the bearing caps meet the machined flat oil pan sealing surface.
Alright then I'll make it happen
I find it easier to fit the gasket to the block with somePermatex, and then fit the pan. Otherwise it seems like the "u" things are too long.
Not sure I recall this right, but aren't there two different OEM pan gaskets? One style for the original pan, and a different style to fit the factory replacement pan?

(Just make sure you do NOT get the multi-piece aftermarket type!)

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