Real time help, wiring harness by EGR

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1993 FZJ80, 2000 100 Series
Jun 5, 2013
Flagstaff, AZ
Hello everyone, 93' gas with 190k started stumbling at idle, especially when cold, a few weeks ago. Seemed like dropping a cylinder and noticably less power. Ran great otherwise but has been getting worse. Did some searching and reading and dove into my wiring harness by the EGR this morning.

Anyways harness looks good so far (pulling the glovebox shortly) but I found what appears to be an extra injector connector that is melted and has the contact exposed. It was laying right next to cylinder 6 injector plug and is the same style plug. The melted one is gray and the plug connecting the #6 injector is orange.

What is this plug? Could it grounding out cause my symptoms?

And what's the trick to posting pictures? I have some for you but jpg and png files aren't working...

That is another injector plug, are all plugs plugged in? They alternate color orange then grey or vice verse I don't remember which color goes first
Orange #6, Grey #5, Orange #4, Grey #3, Orange #2, Grey #1

You'll need to peel the harness back further to figure out what the PO has done.

All other plugs are connected with the correct color alternation. I buttoned everthing back up (covered the melted plug in heat tape) and went for a drive that was noticeably smoother. I also did a red neck TPS/throttle cable adjustment so that might have contributed.

The lack of power is a tough one with semi recent 35's arb bull bar and custom rear swing out still on stock gearing. Big pig!

I've been meaning to get the injectors cleaned so I'll dive into the harness further when I take the throttle body off. Thanks for the help!
Good chance someone spliced in a new injector plug and harness section to replace a damaged one by the hot egr tube. They just did not remove the old section. Trace the wires and see?

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