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Aug 9, 2006
Walla Walla Washington
Was trying to change pads (1 bannana mechanic) and cant compress the piston enough to put new pads on....try to put old pads back on and the piston has come out enough that I cant get them on either. Dont have a big c-clamp and have to drive the car in the am....any quick ideas?
Scrap of plywood against the pistons, then pry against that with 2 long screw drivers or pry bars or tire iron... I use two, one in each hand, to help get leverage. (hard to visualize...hope it makes sense) It's not ideal, but it's gotten me out of a few tight binds before.
You might try opening the bleeder screw on the caliper you're working on slightly but be careful to not let the reservoir go dry.
Put a bolt in a 1x2 and back out the bolt insde the caliper. USe something to back the bolt into, such as a metal plate or something.
Since you cracked the bleeder valve to push the pistons in you in a way were bleeding them

I doubt you introduced air into the system

Make sure your reservoir is at the proper level

You wont know if you need to bleed them until you finish it up and test how the pedal is

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