Real time Help, rear axle C-clip

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Oct 13, 2009
Hello guys,

We're two dutch cruiserusers, in dire need of some help. We just replaced some wheel lugs (left hand side, HJ60, semi-floating axle), which were worn beyond believe (two snapped off already!)

During disassembly the C-clip was a bit hard to remove, but no biggy. But now during assembly, it seems the axle wont go in far enough to place the c-clip again. we tried to pry the axle further into the differential, but to no avail. Hope someone has some useful tip! thanks in advance!
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It seems everytime i mess with my rear axles the side gear in the carrier will move a little and look like the axle is not in far enough... that's all i got... or as my dad would say "you are not holding your mouth right"... :D

Good luck...


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