Real time help!!!! Do I need a new rotor?

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Feb 16, 2010
Western, SD
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Ha ha lady po told me her mechanic said rotors were just rusty from sitting that the pulsing would go away with time. This is not my truck I usr all the time. I got a Good deal I got on this one a while back. locked 97. Rusty Minnesota truck.
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This is what I found underneath. Am I missing something........ Hmmm
Ha...larious! But really, in Minnesota the parking brake internals would probably need to be replaced 3 times over since this truck was new so I can understand to some degree. My first 80 was out of NY and the parking brake was a rusted mess when I got it. It only had 100k miles on it at the time.
Wow. Naw, you can probably get another 30k out of em. I'd run em.
It is the brake line. Piece of dirt or rust stuck to it. They looked pretty normal for a 250000 mile truck. The caliper was completely hashed too. Piston was rusted beyond belief.
I'm in a similar situation. I pulled my hub yesterday and a bunch of parking brake pieces fell onto the floor. So I took a drive to my friendly toyota dealer and ordered a couple items. Also NAPA has a hardware kit for the rear p brake. Just FYI
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Most parts stores carry all the parking brake stuff. I am not going to rebuild the parking brake right now just the brakes. Not going to be wheeled and no inspection needed in my neck of the woods.
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putting a few miles on those rotors ought to smooth them out :)

the parking brakes are almost guaranteed to be shot on rigs that lived around these parts.
Parking brake...what's that. Ha
I set mine on my truck every time I get out to keep things loosened up for the times I do need it.

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