real time help! 78 fj40 hubs

Mar 28, 2011
Maple Ridge
okay so im doing the knuckles and i got the hubs off and ran into some immediate bad things.

pic 1. i dont know the name of this piece, but you can see it next to its new one. its missing a flange and two are bent.

pic 2. the 50mm locking nuts were HAND TIGHT. i touched it and it moved. thats how loose they were. clearly the last person in here couldnt spring for the big socket...

pic 3. The backside of my hub. there are wear marks on the inside around the edges from the mark in the loose nut scraping on it. my best guess is that. i pulled a whole little ring of cut metal from it. :eek:

So should i spring for some new hubs while im in here? or is the crunched metal not gonna be a problem?
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Feb 8, 2006
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Pic 1. Star washer. You should replace these everytime. They come in all the kits. The idea is to bend the tabs over the nut to keep the nut from spinning.

Pic 2. The nut I was referring to in Pic 1. There should be 2 of them. I snug the inner one down a bit to set the bearing and then back it off a bit to where its just snug. Along with the bearing wear, this is probably why yours were only hand tight. Put the star washer on, bend two tabs in. Put second nut on and tighten against star washer. Bend 2 tabs from star washer onto the outer nut.

Pic 3. You're fine. Take them apart, clean em, lightly grease them up, and reinstall them.



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Aug 31, 2004
1) Those are the locking washers that go between the two adjusting nuts, you bend the tabs over flat spots on the washers after you've tightened them down. They're one or two times use only...
2) those nuts loosen up sometimes, as the bearings wear. That's why you re-tighten your adjusting nuts...
3) Probably not a problem.


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Feb 23, 2011
Redding, California
The nuts look salvagable. The tabs are supposed to be bent, one tab over a the inner nut and one tab over the outer nut. I never use the tab washers more than once unless I have no choice (field repair). As far as the hubs, it's hard to tell how much metal is missing from the picture, but it doesn't look fatal. However, I'm pretty conservative, so if you have any doubt, replace them and keep them for trail spares.

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