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Jan 12, 2007
Houston, TEXAS
OK did the hard part and dissasembled the carb. Overhauled and cleaned everything with SOR's rebuild kit. DONE. Went to mount the carb on the manifold and found nearly a half inch of gasket material. Proceeded to clean to metal before realizing that without this the mounting studs for carb are too long.

Do they sell what I just scraped off? Is there a workaround?

here before.
Post up in the wanted ads. I've found plenty like that and usually good deals.
Will do. Thanks.

How bad an idea would it be to make one say out of hardwood. I mean it was literally an inch of cardboard there for decades. Just thinking outside the box and on the "cheap".

I know its ghetto but I am OK with that.
The ones I've seen are been made out of a hard bakelite type material. I think you'll find that if you make one from cardboard or wood it's going to soak up fuel and cause issues.

But I'm with you. It seems like someone would have reproduced these from some material close to what the originals were.

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