real time 3B question

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Jan 4, 2007
Always on the Run
Directly under my exhaust manifold evenly distributed across the head on my 1983 BJ42 I have 4 approx 13MM holes? Are these freeze plugs? It seems like I look through them and see pushrod?Noone seems to know and I did not take a pic of them. the front lifting poing bracket almost covers one of them?

The frost plugs are on the intake manifold side,not sure what you are seeing on the exhaust side the blowby pipe is attached to the side cover I do not see any frost plugs on mine.
How bout some pics this is what mine looks like both my 2b and 3b
so right above the blowby plate right by where the manifold mounts to head you dont have any 13MM holes there with maybe a plug over it? In this pic that I found here on MUD just to the right of every lower bolt hole where the exhaust manifold bolts to is an approx 13MM hole. are these suppose to be unplugged?

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I don't see any bolt head, but there might be a plug in there, will have to check tonight.

I will have to look again I have a heat deflector over my manifold this may bolt into the holes you are refering to.
I have the same holes unplugged as far as I can see,I assume this is normal since nothing leaks out of them probably has something to do with the way the block is casted.
cool, I thought my mechanic forgot to install some freeze plugs or something? Thanks fellas, no wonder SOR or 4Wheel auto thought I was crazy?

We are all crazy
We dump tons of money into something that is an uncontrolable passion,we stay up all night fixing and upgrading for that run on the weekend just to break it again and dump some more money into it.
We try to keep every rusty rig out there alive even though its pulse is fading fast just to keep it from the scrap graveyard
Roberto. Those are supposed to be open (the four holes in the picture you posted, I presume you mean?) And what you're seeing through them is not push rods but head bolts.

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