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Discussion in '80-Series Tech' started by landtoy80, Jun 14, 2003.

  1. landtoy80


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    Mar 13, 2003
    North Front Range, CO
    When I went to LaCrosse WI to get my new t-case I see they have a REAL parts department :D
    They had a full line of TRD parts and accessories. A blower for a Trundra was on display. The parts guy could find parts on computer unlike the one in Madison wi. They saw that I got the t-case from Texas and wanted my business so they gave me a deal on parts and free shipping as I live 70mi away. They said they could deliver big parts over $1000 to my house no charge.
    They got me hooked as I am going their for service on monday. Its out of my was to get there, but I had service from them in the past and they are friendly and helpful. No more waiting a week or so for parts.
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