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Jan 3, 2006
Vancouver, BC
Here are the final shots of the build, a special thank you to a certain someone. Just putting the winch on this week.

Any special requests for other raffle prizes, I think I have enough items?? Cheers Justin

FOR GUYS WHO LIKE TURBO SOUNDS >>> Have a listen to this sound/video clip that my brother took in the Home Depot parking lot on Saturday.

1983 42.jpg
1983 BJ42.jpg
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Damn man, that looks awesome! :beer:
Thanks, Norm! I can't believe that this is my first turbo after so many cruisers. Shoot, once you go turbo, you can never go back. In fact she rips pretty good on 35's and 4.11's! It's like driving the snorty heavy equipment; kinda gnarly:):)...
Great job Justin. Man, I love the sound of a turbo! :beer:
Awesome! Been a while since I had a 3B, just wondering if that puff is normal when you release the skinny pedal? Mine smoked like crazy until I did the diaphragm though.
Does it puff when the engine is hot... it may be that the cyclinders are still cold...any black when its under load on a steep hill full throttle.
Take it for a run up to Cypress thats a good climb that requires 3rd and 4th and if you have a 5th you may be able to pull with that in some spots.
Went up Cypress today as a matter of fact. I don't know if the pig skin needs replacing, only a bit of blue, not to extreme...
Video no worky for me :confused:

Is it working for others?

Need to show the CruiserHeads at work! :D
It worked yesterday - now it says it's been deleted.
It sounded cool :grinpimp:

Ya I see what you mean. Could you upload from your camera to my Flikr site . . .
Thx, bro. Churn creek has been finalized. Paul may convoy with us...can you get Friday off, 1/2 day or not at all. I suppose we could leave Sat early!!:doh:

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