Re-wire of my 80, are these factory wires (pic)?

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Jul 29, 2005

I picked up a 1994 80 about three weeks ago and am going though the rig with a fine tooth comb. I don't want any surprises on the trail so I have to 'know' the condition of every piece and I started in on the wiring inspection last weekend.

I found a nightmare of epic perportions and the strings of oaths I muttered on Saturday were long and descriptive. I am no wiring expert but have been around the block and when you see 3 spices in 2' of wire and a 20GA ground wire that is supporting all kinds of stuff, I knew I would have to tear it all the way down.

Enough of the sad story. After a grocery bag full of misc junk wires and switches later, I believe that I have cleaned up at least one portion and I am left with the attached picture's wire bundle. I am guessing that this was for some type of factory subwoofer and amp? With it disconnected, I cannot find a purpose for it yet.

Your correct. You are missing the woofer bracket, speaker, and amp. That's what the wires are for.

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