Re-seating Door Glass

Nov 5, 2006
It looks like the rear door window glass has popped out of the rubber lined channel where it is normally seated.

I thought maybe I could just run the window to the top, and the motor would produce enough force to reseat the glass; nope. I thought I could just push it down into the channel; nope.

Next I will try a bar clamp. Has anybody applied to much force and broken a door window, trying to reseat in the channel ? Any tricks to get it back in ?
Jul 26, 2020
Juneau, Alaska
Have you taken the door panel off yet?

Years ago on a different vehicle, the regulator had hardware to help clamp it into the channel, which had come loose. The window runs were dry & causing too much friction, which eventually popped the glass out. Even with hardware loosened, the glass didn’t want to re-seat. I believe I used a small wipe of spray silicone and started at one corner, vs trying to press it in along the entire edge. You may have luck there, but the real question is why it came out in the first place.
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Dec 10, 2007
IME the best way to go about it is to remove the door panel to inspect the channel and regulator to see exactly what has happened. Also better to remove the glass from the door if it's pulled out of the channel.

And if the steel channel that is attached to the bottom of the glass is sprung or rusty it's best to get a new channel and filler and reattach to the glass.

Some people however have glued the glass back into the channel using something like a windshield adhesive-sealant (not RTV).

Here's an older thread on the front door glass, same process as the rear:

Jan 5, 2017
Charlotte, NC & Alexandria, VA
The FSM has your answer. Hint: you need a rubber mallet.

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