Re Land cruiser Differential and transfer case Gear oil

Jul 15, 2021
Los Angeles
I’ll be changing my Land cruiser Differential and transfer case Gear oil. Don’t know when or even if the previous owner changed the oil prior . Either way I’m going to change it.

My question is, what kind of oil should I use? For my 1994 80 series w/ 142k miles.

Also, let me take the opportunity to ask another question.

what are some of the preventative maintenance, you all suggest I should do…. As a new owner used a 80 series land cruiser

thank you ahead for any suggestions you all may have 🤘
Jul 26, 2020
Juneau, Alaska
This happens a lot around here, but all of this information is readily available with a simple search, either directly on MUD or via Google. Just utilize the search field and check out the FAQ section 👍

75w90 / 80w90 GL5 gear oil for all 3, in general. You can search the capacities just as easily - when I did all three last, I bought two gallon jugs and a quart bottle, and had a little left over. You may not need the extra qt, but doesn’t hurt.

Make sure you can remove the fill plug *before* removing the drain plug.

As far as the oil weight options, synthetic vs conventional, and change intervals, you will find that discussed in a search as well. You will learn much more from search results than you will from the potential replies to this thread, as historically it is *very* well covered.

As for preventative maintenance, or baselining, again, search & FAQ is your friend. Loads and loads of information; you can read for days if you so desire. Cooling system, all fluids, tune-up parts, common oil leaks, knuckles, so on and so forth. All of them will need a variety of things, but will depend on your specific rig.


Oct 31, 2014
Charlotte, NC
A 1994 with 142K miles? or 412K? Joking aside, that sounds like a great vehicle. Regular 80/90 gear oil is fine. Before you open the drain, make sure the fill bolt will come off, just in case. And a good idea to use new crush washers too.
Jan 14, 2012
Vacaville, CA
NEO Synthetic 75/90. Best synthetic oils I’ve used in motor and diffs etc. Vehicles feel more responsive and quieter running gear. Not that we’re gonna win any races…

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