Re-intro & early 40 steering box assistance needed

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Aug 29, 2020
Quick intro and a few questions. I'm in Idaho. I've been out of cruisers for a little while. I recently purchased a restored 64 fj40. I've had later wagons and 25s but never a 40.

The rig appears stock (3 speed on the tree, F-looking engine, Armstrong steering, drum brakes, etc). Is there a way to determine the engine vintage without the block number?

There is a PTO-looking piece hanging off the transfer case. 4-bolt flanges facing fore and aft with a drain plug underneath. PTO?

There is a problem with the steering box and column. There is a break in the column near where the shifter mounts adjacent to the box (see red arrow in pic). As I turn the wheel the box is rotating up or down about the sector shaft, and the crack in the column opens.

The steering works ok. It's not any harder to turn than my FJ25 box was, but that was packed with grease. I just happened to notice the crack by chance. What is making the box move up and down? Is the column supposed to take the steering force? Is the column repairable (welding perhaps)? I assume I'm looking at a box rebuild. I'd like to keep it stock if possible.

Thanks for any assistance.



That is a OEM PTO.

The steering is cast. The column is rolled steel and fits into the box. Do not think that is a crack just where the two meet. I would make sure the clamp is tight on the pedestal. That the rolled steel column is seated into the steering box. The rubber bushing at the top and the column is good. Lastly the clamp the secures the column to the bottom of the dash is tight.
The line adjacent to the red arrow looks like a crack to me. Weld it up. A video of the movement would confirm the problem.

1. I agree with Dynosoar, crack in tube should not be there, once welded closed nothing should move/wobble.
2. If you are not going to use the PTO you can remove it and sell it here on Mud in the classified ads for $$$. Then you can get a T.C. side plate (block off plate) from 65swb45 here on Mud.
Thanks for the replies. I don't see any control on the dash for the PTO, but there is a throttle cable.

The steering box has a leak at the Pitman arm. I attempted to attach a video, but it wasn't allowed.

Edit for dumb question. Could it be welded in situ or best to take it out? Would the orientation of the column be important (meaning place a mark across the crack before taking it out)?
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With your issues I'd be thinking Saginaw Power Steering Conversion. The PTO had a floor shift lever on drivers side of the tranny tunnel, buyer for you PTO will want/need the floor shifter for it.
The best is to remove column and repair. Before removal, have everything center, and when finished , it is obvious.

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