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Mar 27, 2003
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The Slee bumper is specifically designed to accept the 12,000 lb Warn. IIRC the ARB needs to be modified a bit to make the 12,000 fit. I think the bumper and winch need to go on togther.

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C-Dan is right. All the holes you need to mount the 12K winch in the bumper are already there. The winch is mounted in the bumper, then the bumper is mounted to the frame. Adds a considerable obstacle to anyone that would think about stealing your winch. I'm extremely pleased with Slee's front bumper.
It would appear that BigBoy deleted himself
??? :dunno:
Winch into bumper first, lift bumper, use BFH and jack, whack a few and it's eventuall cool. :D

Now, just gotta get me a cutting board today for a new fairlead. :D :D :D
Are you doing a Hawse fairlead with Christo's front bumper? If yes, details please.
Yeah B mainly cause I'm running the mastersuck synth cable. The synth hawse will be a much better choice. .... plus it means I can hack more off of Christo's :D

Will post pic later today. :D

>> whack a few ... <

It could not have been easier when I installed the Slee front bumper w/o winch. One man operation; lift by hand, slide it on the rails, 4 bolts (or was it 8?), and done. The driving lights took another 10 minutes. :G

Fit and finish of the Slee front bumper is superb, but everyone expects that from Christo's products.

I managed the rear bumper by myself but it was a lot more involved, including using a floor jack because that thing is HEAVY.

>> He did not add that he got it at the scratch and dent sale  <<

You must be talking about the one you sold Junk for his beater... Pristine would never settle for seconds.  :D

Hey Junk could you get any further away? :slap:

I had just sat down in a nice comfy chair and didn't feel like getting up. :D You'll never get a closer up shot till after it's been smacked up a little. :D
B - yeah, scratch and dent sale for me (unemployment does that from time to time :D), but really it's due to me beater not exactly being in the condition it was on the showroom floor. :D

That bumper is sweat. You know it really feels good to have quality in your possession, then it's only magnified by like 100x when you drop in the winch - expecting to have to hold it up to bolt it in but you don't have to - just drop the sucka in and it lines up exactly where Christo had the holes drilled. You don't have to support it to bolt it in, it just rests on the bottom (skid plate like).

Free #6 for Christo - well for the next 5 mins anyway. :D

Don't worry though B, if I could I'd convince him to slip something a little nasty into your tubing :D, but I know he wouldn't go for it.
Now Junk, no complaining when you hit the next deer and wish for more grille protection...



(By the way, I'm still sore from where BMT kicked me.  I hear you had something to do with that!)

Once I get some more tubing delivered, I'm going to fab up some tubes for the deer protection - maybe just a big spike sticking out.
.... although the more I look at it, the more I dig the no tubes. :dunno: It's just one sweet bumper. Guess it's no shock since Christo knows exactly what's needed to make a great 80 series bumper. Now I just gotta convince him to move his shop, move himself, Robbie and Ben to NJ. :D

Kick? Uh, who me? :D

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