Re-Designed All-Pro E-Locker Guard

Jan 16, 2008
All-Pro's original E-Locker guard was tough, durable and most importantly kept your e-locker out of harm's way. The Newly re-designed e-locker guard has the same All-Pro quality without hitting the swaybar or fuel tank which is a common problem with other e-locker guards on the market, including our old version. These re-designed guards are more form fitting to the solenoid body and differential housing. It is now available for both Tacoma and FJ Cruisers. Comes powder coated black.

The Toyota E-Locker is one of the FJ Cruiser/Tacoma owner's secret weapons off-road. While it's hard to improve on the Toyota factory design, All-Pro Off Road has developed a new Electric Locker Guard that's a tough 1/4" steel skid plate that provides protection for the Tacoma's E-Locker actuator. That's right - no more worries about your E-Locker letting you down in the rocks when you need it most because the actuator was smashed flat by the rock you were trying to get over! Bolt-on application for FJ Cruisers and Tacomas with E-Locker rear ends.

Protect your locker today with All-Pro Off Road


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