rd trip camp out back wayto alamo lake 56k warning

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Jul 31, 2005
camped out thrusday went the back way to alamo lake then from there to ford proving grounds in yucca total about 124 mile of dirt road and saw a lot of wild life some nice looking trails and not one person or car from 1pm thursday till 2pm friday.You can drive right to the shore of the lake bring pole next time






Nice....looks like a good trip
so, apprently the lake level is low enough you could get across? According to my map, that wouldn't be possible at higher levels. I have always wanted to do that trip but just never got around to it.

I dig the unusual house in the middle of I-40 in Yucca. Although, who would really like to live above the interstate highway median :rolleyes:

And the desert is beautiful in the Stagecoach Trails area :)

Good to hear you had a great time :cheers:
short cut

Dsrtrdr went throught wikieup chicken ranch rd over the hill to the west of town then to alamo lake rd. That stage coach ares looks pretty nice when its cool out looks like no power to most of it
Sounds like you had a good time amigo. I'm envious of your time to do that mid-week.

Great pics too!
Them Bighorns are smarter than you think... I do the same thing when I see John... turn tail and run.
And the desert is beautiful in the Stagecoach Trails area :)

Spent a week out there with the family at the dude ranch a few years back. It is indeed beautiful. Even when it's hot...:)

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