RC on March 11th?

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Mar 18, 2005
Charles Town, WV
How's that plan coming on a club trip to Rausch Creek on the 11th of March? Is it still happening?
Yep, still happening. The plan is for it to be a "Members Only" run to include camping at Rausch Creek. It's likely that will on of the main topics of conversation at this Wed's meeting.

You're still coming to that, right?

Also, are you on the CLCC mailing list, yet, Riad?

Mmm... not sure about Wed. I don't think I'm gonna make it. What CLCC mailing list are you talking about? How do I join?
Never mind, I think I figured it out. Just re-read Woody's post.
I've spoke to RC about the camping situation and will report my information at the meeting. Looks good too me.
I think we are all looking forward to this trip...

I'm more tempted to drive up early Saturday, meet y'all in the lot when it opens, wheel, and return on Saturday. It's only a little bit farther from my house than driving to Madison...

Their website sez "From December 1st through March 31st, we are open on a reservation only basis" Do you know if they will be open Sat morn on 3/11 to take money, etc.?
I think Andrew has some info for us tonight, we shall see.
Yeah they will be open. We went there in December. Who ever is organizing this trip should call up and make that reservation. I think "Lynn" was the name of the Manager. Also, I'm not going to camp so I will drive up early Saturday (just like last time with Curran and the rover guys), wheel and return on Saturday. So what is the arrangement for the folks that are not camping? Where do we meet. Please post up the details, also the direction, I think I lost my old direction. It's some where in my truck :D.

Thanks :D
We still weren't sure last night if people would rather go up on Friday night or early Saturday morning. We decided that once we get an RSVP list of everyone that's going, we'd see when most people wanted to go up. It might be that we all head up on Saturday morning and some of us camp that night.

Andrew's taking the lead on this and will do an RSVP thread soon.

Sure, let's caravan. I can meet you Germantown/Frederick guys on 15N past second Thurmont exit on Sat morn at 6:30A. That'll get us there at 8:30A.

Once on I81N, I usually go in Exit 104. Here's Lynn's directions taken from an earlier post of hers on Creepers, and my "shortening"

Exit 104 for Ravine (Exxon, Raceway Restaurant). They are on the right after you come off the ramp. To get to the park you would go left off the ramp, follow Molleystown Road west for about 5 minutes. At the fork in the road for Lincoln, bear right for Joliett. When you get near the top of the road, our entrance is just past the intersection with Lincoln Road on the Left.

• 81N to Exit 104 (Ravine), L
• to gas or keep on Molleystown Rd headed west, to fork, R
• towards Joliet to Park, L
I'm game. Thanks for the direction man. Yupp let's meet on 15N. Who else is coming in for caravan?

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