RBS hi-steer help

Dec 24, 2002
I just got a hi-steer system from rockbuggiesupply.com to fit my 78 FJ40 with 78 knuckles.
Everything went well with steering arm installs, cut tie rods to fit and welded inserts.
Previous owner installed power steering that uses STOCK setup. For ex. pitman arm, steering box.
He said he got the pump off an early toy pickup.
Here is problem.....
Stock pitman arm needs to be drilled out (tapered) to fit my new tie rod ends. And I'm afraid there is not enough meat on the arm to drill it out to where it needs to be.
Any ideas???

I am a newbie at this stuff.
Nov 16, 2002
Might as well as get new pitman arm, but is it possible to get a new relay rod one end with the new TRE size, the other with a stock TRE?

Have you posted the question on the RBS forum? If the website is back up, that is. Alan monitors that forum closely and answers questions all the time. Otherwise write him at alan@rockbuggysupply.com.


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