RAZILLA fj55 build

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Mar 15, 2012
Lakeside Ca

1972 FJ 55 painted "2007 Voodoo Blue "
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well look at the pretty piggy! you suck, lucky bastid. cheers! and welcome. that is one slick swine. not so sure about the rear bumper or tag frame, but the rest of it looks great. what's under the hood? are those 40 series mirrors? best tell us where you got the reverse light lenses and reflectors while you're at it...
and you're going to need a Marlin Crawler sticker big enough to cover that TG brand, too...

Lambsy thanks for the welcoming review this little piggy underwent surgery and came out from under the knife with a few missing parts sooooo..... To answer your questions for starters !!

1. Side mirrors I purchased from O'Riellys Auto Parts . Cost $29.00

2. Rear reflectors are from O'Riellys Auto Parts . Cost $5.00

3. Rear back up lights are factory new....lucky me ...found them on E-Bay from a seller in Taiwan . Cost $59.00. Came to me in the original Toyota yellow box and the tape was a brown color from age !!

4. The rear bumper is a surgical change I found on one of my parts cars a fully aluminum chromed piece that fit perfectly and is the future motor donor for the pigglet . A 300 D Turbo Diesel Mercedes

5. Under the hood the current heart beat for the pigglet is the tried and true 1F and 3 speed transmission with 4-Runner power steering and Fjz80 master power booster and resevior along with a disk brake conversion

6. This pigglet runs down the road at 70mph with no problem due to the 35" MTR's and Fjz80 wheels

7. A tow package was installed and drop hitch

8. Original seats recovered as new a spector head-liner

9. Custom carpet kit and fjz80 floor mats

10. A full restored tool kit under the middle seat is fully intact

11. Winch and original front bumper I fabbed a extension so the winch plate sits flat and bolted it on along with a rubber bumper kit from my 300 D mercedes donor car.

12. Window rubber , door seals , rear tail gate motor; was all sourced from Spector of Ca, rear tail-gate motor has the replacement steel gear, the tail gate window is full functional and working . I put a blank seal in the key hole for the tail-gate motor as I was having trouble sourcing the key switch.

13. The color of the pigglet is 2007 FJ Cruiser Toyota Voodoo Blue and sports the white top to give the piglet a updated look but remains in true Toyota form from the inside out


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