Rattling sun roof

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Apr 10, 2003
Kansas City, MO
Over the last few weeks my sunroof has developed the annoying habit of rattling when shut, along with an occasional wind whistle for good measure. I've inspected the seals and greased the moving mechanisms to no avail. While I havn't checked my FSM yet to see what it says, is there anything common I may be unaware of, i.e. a fastener that works itself loose, adjustment screw, something?

There doesn't seem to be any play in it when angled "up", or when half open, and just enough play for it to rattle when closed.

Any ideas?
The plastic trim that frames the inside of the glass may be the source. Open the shade and tap the "picture frame" around the edge of the glass and see if you can duplicate the noise. One or more of the 4 pieces that forms the frame may be loose.

D- :beer:
Well, I'm not sure about the rattle but mine does have a whistle at more than 30 mph. It whistles only when closing from the flip-up position. I have to slide it open a few inches than close again. No more whistle. Hope that fixes yours.


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