Rattle-y ambulance door

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Sep 2, 2007
Longmont, CO
My amby doors rattle and bang over bumps and it annoys me. I know I'll never get them to be silent, but theres a huge amount of "play" in the latches on the door behind the tire. When I tug on the door, I catch see the latches that protrude from the door wiggle up to 1/8".

I've got new weatherstrip, which I expect will help, however is there any way I can take up the slack in those latches inside the door?
Weatherstrip should be the answer. The depth of the lock plungers is/was adjustable..but they probably can't be turned now without breaking off the rod. You can always go inside the door with some foam to keep the rods themselves from rattling against the door. That and the weatherstrip should solve it, or you may have to shim the door catch on the body.
Not this i necessarily like this - but my PO did it and it helps

he took a deadbolt type slider (about 2 inches long) and attached it to the door w/out the handle and connected it to crossbar on the top


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