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Feb 22, 2005
i know its a long shot asking for help with rattles, but i'm going to give it a go anyway..

The rattle seems to be coming from the engine or something connected to it. it starts at about 2200 revs and seems to stay through the rev range above there. It has a similar sound to vibrating washer. sort of a tinkly irregular noise.

It's much more noticable when driving (under load) than it is when stationary but isn't effected by what gear i'm in. It's also easier to hear inside the car than out.

Its not very loud, but isn't a pleasent sound. I'm worried by any mystery noises coming from the motor...

While i was looking for it, i had the hand throttle set to 2300 revs, the car started blowing white smoke after a couple of minues. I'm wondering if they're related. When i dropped the revs back, the smoke cleared up.

I'll probably end up taking it somewhere to be checked out but any ideas would be good.
pop your rad. cap off then start it see if it shoots water out im not liking the sound of this . does it get hot loose coolent anytime.the white smoke got my att.
Does the white smoke come when the engine is warm as well ? As advised by cruiser88 see what happens behind the cap, bubbling + white smoke = no good and maybe a cracked head.

I once had an annoying rattling sound, realized a few hundred kms later that my damn 14mm spanner that was nowhere to be found was actually hanging on the back or the alternator :doh:

Do a leakdown test and/or a coolant test to check the head and head gasket, it may be bad.

Does the rattling frequency increase proportionally with engine speed ? If so it's probably something internal, if not something is loose in the engine compartment.
could be like me drove to town with a cup of full coffee on the fender still ther 15 miles later sorry man had to throw it in
sorry its a 2L-T lj70.

The smoke seems to be either fuel or oil rather than steam. Probably oil i think. Yep it does it when the engine is warm. I'll go and do the radiator check now just to rule that out.

It doesn't lose coolant, and doesn't use oil that i've noticed. The engine itself sounds healthy appart from the rattle. I think its been there for a while but i've only really noticed how loud it is since i've a bigger exhaust on. Theres less noise from the engine bay now so i can hear more.
ok sounds cool i was going to say if it was a older rig most normally it was always head related when white smoke was involved really dont know anything about your ride:beer:
i just added propane injection to my 2LTE and with too much propane the engien would rattle at point of injection (about 5 psi). i turned down the propane injection a bit and the rattle went away.
i am going to guess that it has to do with the fuel, fuel injection timing, quality of fuel...just a guess though...

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