Rare 22" TRD Forged wheels for Tundra, Sequoia and Land Cruiser

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Mar 21, 2023
San Diego
I have a set of these 22" TRD forged wheels that I will be putting up for sale soon - For wheel specs, see Toyota part# PTR3834070

They are all 4 complete with the correct (and totally impossible to find) TRD center caps, and currently have Yokohama Parada tires mounted (date code 2016).

These fit the Tundra, Sequoia, and Land Cruiser (I believe 2008-2011) with 5 x 150 bolt pattern. I'll try to get some photos up after the rains, but trying to see if there's any interest for them here. Located in Vista/north San Diego area, ideally local pick up. Thanks for your interest!
Those wheels are extremely rare and were made by Alcoa I believe. They will fit on any 2007-2021 Tundra or 2007-2022 Sequoia with the 5X150 bolt pattern but I believe this wheel option disappeared sometime around 2010 or so from the dealerships as new part to buy. (It was never mounted lineside at the factory).
Thank you FJ73Texas for the additional information. I believe they also fit 2008-2011 Land Cruisers. When we bought our new 2008 Crew Max TRD, we immediately purchased these wheels. They've been on it since then (all 43k miles!) . The wheels are really hard to find, but the correct center caps are impossible. When you do find the wheels for sale, almost all of them are missing the center cap.
I have a very rare set of 22" TRD forged wheels up for sale. They are 22" x 9" with a 50mm offset. See Toyota part# PTR(contact info removed). These wheels fit a very wide range of vehicles and years - see below. Fits Tundra, Sequoia, Land Cruiser, Lexus LX.

I believe these wheels came out in 2007 and were discontinued in 2010. You could only order these from Toyota if you owned one of the vehicles they fit, verified by VIN. **These wheels were made/forged for Toyota by Alcoa in the USA, and are stamped AWFP-01 (Alcoa Wheel and Forged Products) on the inner barrel, along with the part number + + **

All 4 are complete with the correct (and TOTALLY impossible to find) TRD center caps. Also included are TPMS sensors, and a set of correct spline drive lug nuts + 4 keys.

*** Someone just listed 2 of these center caps BY THEMSELVES on Ebay, and they immediately sold for $315 EACH. See the SOLD listings on Ebay by searching under:
"PTR38-34071 Toyota Forged 22” TRD Center Cap" and check out the condition. ***

These wheels are extremely rare - try to find another complete set in ANY condition, let alone with center caps. The only set I could find is on Ebay right now for $3,900 with 24 people watching. I haven't seen another set for sale online, and if you buy individual wheels at $500 - $600+ each, they are NEVER sold with the center cap. I have listed this set of wheels on Ebay as well, but would prefer a local sale.
Please see the attached photos for overall condition. There are some imperfections, and some small spots where the factory original clear coat has deteriorated a bit. There are no bends, and they've never been damaged/repaired before. We have had these on our '08 Tundra Crew Max since we bought it new, and get compliments on them often. They were just removed days ago, and tires dismounted. These wheels came from Toyota as polished with a clear coat. If you want them to be TOTALLY 100% show-perfect, the clear coat can be removed and either reapplied, or left without clear coat for a deeper shine.
These should fit the following vehicles with 5 x 150 bolt pattern. Please check to verify:

2007 - 2021 Tundra
2008 - 2022 Sequoia
1998 - 2007 Land Cruiser (100 series/105 series)
2007- 2022 Land Cruiser (200 series)
1998 - 2023 Lexus LX models (verify '21 - '23 models)

Located in Vista/north San Diego county. Here's your chance that may not come around again!!!!

Thanks for your interest!

Price dropped to $2000 FIRM

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