Rapid blinking from turn signals - 99 Camry

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Sep 25, 2004
Gleneagle, CO
I am getting an annoying rapid blink from the left turn signals in my 1999 Toyota Camry. I've checked from the outside and all the lights are working. They are just blinking fast.

Is this a relay are something ?
Not much to offer other than I had the same symptom on a vehicle and it turned out to be a shorted/damaged wire.
most likely the relay spazing out..
It's usually the front bulb or connector that causes this, since you said it's only on the left side. If the bulb got replaced with the wrong one, it could be a different resistance. Try removing & reinstalling the bulb, to tighten the connection, then just put a new bulb in if need be.
Did you check out your reverse lights? I've had this many times and 9/10 it's due to a faulty or failing light bulb. I'd go through and replace each set of bulbs until the problem is found. Doesn't sound like a relay problem here. Good luck!
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