ranger torque splitter problem?

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Nov 1, 2004
shrewsbury, pa
finalyy back to the motor swap and while sticking in the ranger it seems that the input shaft ( front of the adapter) seems to get harder to spin when i torque it down. I have gone through the infamous search and have yet to see tha answer or any prob like this. sitting out it spins just fine and dont get me wrong it still spins but it just seems a little stiff to me. I have gone through and adjusted the bolts in the cross torque pattern and spinning the shaft to ensure it not crooked and the best i have is now and like i say it is stiff to me. am i just paranoid or what.

Does Ranger or your vendor have a preload value for that? I'm assuming you are increasing the preload on the input shaft as you tighten it down. I would check with the vendor to get an acceptable preload range for the shaft first.

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