Random Vibrating Noise.....Not a Rattle..What Is It?

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Aug 13, 2008
Okay guys, I just purchased a used 2004 100 series a week ago. Yesterday, while driving, I heard a vibrating noise (cell phone vibrating-type sound) randomly. I heard it maybe 6-7 times during a 45 minute drive. Has anyone else heard this. It wasn't a cell phone...that was the first thing I checked. Wife thinks it could be the air conditioner....what do ya'll think? Thanks.
where is it coming from? outside or inside?
go under there with some tools and look for anything loose. If it's near the globe box, try pushing on the glove box door when you hear it. Should let you know if anything is loose.

Hope it helps. I haven't been under my glove box. By I know the a/c system is there. Anything could rattle loose. Just check.
Ok a little more technical:

At what speed did you hear it? It could be the driveline, I'm trying to find the same deal. I think it could be that the pinion angles might be off

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