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Jun 13, 2003
I will be posting a bunch of random crap in the next few days in the FS section. I want to give all club members an opportunity to grab it first. Keep your eyes peeled and hit me a PM if you think you might want it.

If you need any crap not listed PM me; those of you who have seen the empire know I got it all in here just gotta be able to find it.
Good deal. I will be watching.:)
Well hot damn, I found something I can use. I replied in your thread for the taillight lenses.
Posted to the tailgate thread for possible dibs on the rear bumper/slider/tire carrier dealio.

If'n I decide to bring the lwb 45 to the Roundup instead of the 40, I may be up for more.;)
Nolen will give you the Viagra

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