ran out of fuel at 5/8-3/4 empty tank

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Dec 14, 2005
Looks like I may have some sender or gage issues. What of the two is the most likely to fail? Also, what is the resistance output of the fuel sender? Looks like I may have to drop the tank :/ if I replace the sender if thate the case.

FYI, when I start the engine, the fuel gage goes from empty to 3/4 full. This is a bj60.

the fuel suction line that goes into the tank is steel and has a tendency to rust out, and let you suck in air.

pretty good chance its that.

I was told by a toyota service guy (when i bought my rig 25 years ago) that there was a sock-type pre-filter on the BJ60 fuel tank suction tube, with a bypass inlet at about 1/3 full. Apparently to keep tank debris and wax sludge at low temps from totally concentrating and plugging up the fuel system, so his advice was to always keep it topped up in the winter. Haven't had mine opened up to check, but if, in fact it's there, maybe your is plugged?
Well had some one provide me with five gallons of fuel and was able to start the vehicle and drive it home with no issues. so there is no air being pulled into the steel line and its running fine. Since its running fine, I shouldn't be plugged. It seems with the lack of response this would be a rare issue. I will check the gauges resistance and then test the resistance to the tank and see where it changes to when I drain the tank.

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